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Featured Product

Featured Product

Jiăozi—more widely known as dumplings, potstickers, or gyoza—are a traditional food widely spread across most of Asia. Typically, potstickers consist of a filling of meat and vegetables mixed together, and wrapped in a thinly rolled skin of dough, and served with a refreshing and delicious dipping sauce. This traditional dish has been a part of many cultures for centuries, and is considered very healthy, convenient, and fun to share with family!

Special Entrees

Special Entrees

Our entrées cover a broad and diverse line of products, from the more traditional beef soup noodles or pork and shrimp rice noodle, to the more mainstream beef rice meal and teriyaki chicken rice meal. With restaurant quality food combined with at-home microwave convenience, we make it easy and affordable to eat healthy and luxuriously every day!



Wontons—typically served in broth or deep fried—offer a changeup in texture and taste to their potsticker counterpart. Wontons have a thinner skin made of different dough that almost melts in your mouth, and are more bite-size and spherical in shape.

Fortune Avenue introduces New Sandwiches with Rice Buns!


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